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Answers to Your Questions: Victoria FAQs for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Your Guide to Energy Savings and Sustainability in Victoria

How does it work?

We collaborate with you to reduce costs while minimizing your ecological footprint and carbon emissions. Through the VEET Plan, we provide free installation of water- and energy-saving appliances at your residence or business location. Contact us via phone at 03 8609 5195, email at, or use the form on this page to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. Our electricians or installers will then visit your property at a convenient time to install the new appliances. Following installation, our friendly staff member will follow up to ensure everything meets your satisfaction.

One does not exist. Truly! No additional costs or fees are disclosed, and you are not required to select any particular products from our selection (you can select any number of different product types for installation). We adhere completely to the VEU regulations and uphold the highest standards. We exclusively employ A-Grade electricians and have a skilled, effective crew. All of our items are of the highest calibre and have undergone rigorous testing. All the light globes and LED downlights we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please call us at 03 8609 5195 if you have any queries or issues regarding our items.

Auzbright takes pride in keeping a crew that is cordial, courteous, effective, and knowledgeable. A number of seasoned installers and electricians make up our field crew. All of our team members receive thorough Auzbright training, act responsibly, and strictly adhere to the requirements of the Victorian Government’s VEU Plan. All of our electricians and installers have full business insurance and are registered under the VEU Scheme. For your peace of mind, each member of our crew carries their Auzbright photo ID and all of our electricians are properly licenced, A-Grade electricians. Prior to installation, any equipment needed for the task will be explained. Lifts, additional electrical devices, lighting accessories, etc.

To be eligible under the VEU Scheme.

Your residence or place of business must be in Victoria.

The products you want installed must not have previously been installed at that address under the VEU Plan, nor may the existing products you want replaced be products that save energy or water.

For instance, a new water-saving showerhead cannot be installed in place of an old water-saving showerhead under the VEU Programme. Property owners, Body corporate, and renters alike are eligible. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had VEET Scheme products installed, even if it was at a different house.

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