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Introduction to ESS

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) in New South Wales incentivizes businesses to invest in energy-saving initiatives, thus reducing electricity consumption and lowering energy bills.

By supporting the installation, improvement, or replacement of energy-efficient equipment, the scheme promotes energy conservation across various sectors.

Understanding HEER Method

The Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) approach, part of the ESS Rule, allows upfront recognition of energy savings resulting from upgrades at residential and small business sites.

Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) deliver HEER activities, facilitating energy efficiency upgrades like lighting enhancements, equipment replacements, and draught proofing.

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Significant Cost Savings

Energy-efficient lighting technology can reduce lighting expenditures by up to 85% annually per globe.

Enhanced Efficiency

Advanced lighting technologies like LEDs and CFLs optimize energy consumption, providing effective illumination while reducing energy bills.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The extended lifespan of new lighting technology not only lowers energy bills but also reduces maintenance expenses.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Lighting

How Easy Is It?


The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) offers financial incentives to households and businesses for installing energy-efficient machinery and appliances.


Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) generate Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) for each hypothetical Megawatt hour (MWh) of energy saved by eligible projects.


Take advantage of government incentives with no catch, saving money on electricity costs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

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