NSW FAQ's: Your Energy-Saving Queries Answered

Unlock Savings, Empower Sustainability: Auzbright NSW FAQ's

Discover How to Save Money, Reduce Carbon Emissions, and Leave a Smaller Ecological Footprint!

How does it work?

By providing you with incredible savings on the supply and installation of energy-saving and water-saving devices in your home or small company, we help you save money, reduce your carbon emissions, and leave a smaller ecological impact.

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The quantity of value we can generate from the regulated activities is established by the various regulatory frameworks that apply to premises in each state. The average fuel type burned to generate electricity in VIC is more CO2-intensive than in NSW, and the long history of the NSW scheme has reduced savings opportunities, such as by enabling the free distribution of about 26.9 million CFL light globes in 2004–2011. As a result, the value we can create in VIC is significantly higher than NSW.

For New South Wales premises, we still ensure you get the best deal on energy efficient products, so it’s like getting the installation free!

AUZBRIGHT takes pride in having a crew that is welcoming, courteous, effective, and professional. Our field staff consists of assessors, installers, plumbers, and electricians who have received training, licenses, and experience.

Our entire crew goes through extensive Auzbright training. All contractors are fully insured for their businesses. For your piece of mind, all of our contractors are fully licenced and have Auzbright Photo ID on them.

To be eligible under the VEU Scheme.

Your residence or place of business must be in Victoria.

The products you want installed must not have previously been installed at that address under the VEU Plan, nor may the existing products you want replaced be products that save energy or water.

For instance, a new water-saving showerhead cannot be installed in place of an old water-saving showerhead under the VEU Programme. Property owners, Body corporate, and renters alike are eligible. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had VEET Scheme products installed, even if it was at a different house.

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