Energy-Efficient Hot Water Solutions for Homes

Upgrade Your Home, Lower Your Bills: Energy-Efficient Hot Water Systems

Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Cost-Saving Hot Water Solutions for Every Home

From just $33

Fully Supplied and Installed by our licensed electrician & plumbers

Up to 65% more energy efficienct

You can save up to $930 per year

5 Years warranty

5 Years warranty on hot water Tank; 3 years warranty on mechanical Parts and Labour

NSW Heat Pump

From just $33, VIC residents can now upgrade their gas or electric hot water systems to energy-efficient heat pumps, slashing hot water running costs by up to 70%.

Our service, backed by state and federal initiatives, offers qualified homes significant savings, making eco-friendly hot water solutions accessible and affordable.

Why Upgrade to a Heat Pump Hot Water System

Maintain your heat pump hot water system to save on maintenance and energy costs.

For companies aiming to maximize solar electricity usage, heat pump systems offer great value, enabling efficient water heating during solar generation hours.


R 215

The Ecogenica® R 215 is the updated and improved take on the original 215 Litre product designed by the team at Ecogenica®.

After years of mastering our craft, we designed this sleek, modern and energy efficient unit, that has become one of the most sought after alternatives to heating water.


R 290

The Ecogenica® R 290 is a workhorse. At 290L there is enough hot water to satisfy the most discerning users of water.

The R 290 takes your hot water experience to a new level, delivering piping hot water at an economical price, pushing back against rising energy bills, putting you back in control, and saving money for the things that matter.

Eco-Friendly Savings

Our CFC-free, renewable energy heat pumps extract heat from the air, reducing energy costs by up to 70% while preserving the environment and your wallet.

Quality Components

Featuring Japanese-made Toshiba compressors and fully welded enamel tanks, our heat pumps ensure durability and efficiency.

Frost Protection

Specially built fan modules ensure silent operation and efficient water heating, even in low temperatures.

Wide Temperature Range

Designed for Australian climates, our heat pumps operate in environments ranging from -7°C to +40°C.

Low Noise

Enjoy noiseless operation with our innovative heat pump design.

Government Approved

Fully accredited under VIC VEU and NSW ESS/IPART schemes, ensuring savings for years to come.

Energy Savings Scheme (VEU)

The VIC VEU offers financial incentives for energy-saving equipment installation, upgrade, or replacement.

Tradeable certificates called energy savings certificates (VEUs) provide reductions on energy savings activities, creating a market for certificates and fulfilling statutory energy savings targets.

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)

SRES provides incentives for installing environmentally friendly power systems like PV Solar Systems or Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

Eligible installations receive small-scale technology certificates based on location, installation date, and displaced megawatt hours of electricity.


How Does It Work?

Free Upgrade Upgrade From Electric Hot Water System To Energy Efficient Heat Pump System (155L)


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A fan pulls air containing heat energy across the evaporator.


Turns Air Into Gas

The evaporator transforms refrigerant into a gas, compressed into a hot gas.


Heats Water With Gas

Hot gas in the condenser loop warms water inside the tank coil.


Produces Hot Water

Refrigerant returns to a fluid after heating the water, ready for the cycle to repeat.

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