Hey there,

No capes required (at least for now), but we’re all about making positive changes in the world.

From our small start in 2007 with just two passionate folks in Melbourne, Auzbright has been all about bringing together the right kind of people. We’re talking about folks who deeply care about our planet, climate, and are dedicated to combating the impacts of human-induced climate change. Fast forward to today, and we’ve grown to a team of around 80 amazing individuals spread across four Australian states.

Our team speaks 15 different languages, creating a diverse and vibrant environment.
We have a mix of fresh perspectives from newcomers and seasoned guidance from experienced leaders.
We're proud to defy the gender gap that's often seen in our industry.

Making a Difference Together!

Everything we do is geared towards fighting climate change. Whether it’s cutting down on energy use, generating clean energy, or helping trade energy certificates, we’re all about shrinking Australia’s carbon footprint. Let’s work together towards reaching our goal of net zero emissions by 2050!

What Are Your Goals?

I want to make a positive impact.

Join us, and every day, you'll contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions

I want opportunities to develop in my role.

Our company prioritizes learning and growth. You'll have access to various training options, both online and in-person, including webinars and conferences.

I want to advance within the company.

At our company, we believe in promoting from within. Our internal-first approach and referral programs ensure that you'll have the chance to move up the ladder before we consider external candidates. Many of our team members, known as Ecovengers, have advanced their careers across different departments while expanding their skills.

I want flexibility to balance work and personal life.

We value results over time spent in the office. That's why we offer hybrid working options and flexible hours for everyone on our team. Your happiness, productivity, and well-being matter to us.

Our Hiring Process

1. Apply

Simply send us your resume and a cover letter explaining why you're the perfect fit for the job. You can do this through our website, LinkedIn, or Seek.

2. Shortlist + Video Chat

If your application catches our eye, we'll invite you to a quick 10-15 minute video chat to discuss your application further.

3. Interview

Next, we'll invite you to our office to meet with your potential manager and our HR Manager. This is a chance for us to talk about the role, your experience, and how well you'd fit in.

4. Second Interview (if needed)

For some positions, we might want to dive deeper into certain aspects of the role or answer any lingering questions. If so, we'll schedule a second interview.

5. Job Offer

If everything goes well, we'll send you a formal job offer along with the employment agreement and start date. This will be based on discussions from your first or second interview.

6. Timeframe

We review applications as they come in and aim to make hiring decisions within two weeks of the initial video chat. We'll also work with you to find a start date that suits your schedule.

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