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Reduce Your Energy Costs with Hot Water Service and System Upgrade

From just $33, NSW residents can now replace their gas or electric hot water system to an energy-efficient hot water heat pump. Thanks to initiatives by the state and federal governments, we are now able to provide qualified homes with our service for the supply and installation of their new heat pump at a significantly reduced cost, saving them thousands of dollars over the long run. Your hot water running costs could be reduced by up to 70%!

Why upgrade to a Heat Pump Hot Water System

Make sure to maintain your heat pump hot water system on a regular basis to save money on maintenance and energy costs. To further reduce your water heating costs, you can also attempt several energy-saving techniques.

For companies who want to maximise the use of their solar electricity, heat pump hot water systems are a wonderful value. There is more value in using your solar energy locally rather than exporting it to the grid now that feed-in tariffs are less expensive. To do this, a significant energy consumer, such water heating, can be switched to solar generation hours using a heat pump or a conventional resistive hot water system.

Energy Savings Scheme

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) offers financial incentives for households and companies in NSW to install, upgrade, or replace energy-saving equipment and appliances. The Electricity Supply Act of 1995 allowed for the creation of the ESS in 2009. (the Act).

Tradeable certificates known as "energy savings certificates" are used as financial incentives (ESCs). Typically, individuals and organisations that sponsor energy savings activities give Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) the authority to generate ESCs in exchange for a reduction on the cost of the energy savings activity. The maximum number of ESCs that can be formed depends on the notional megawatt hours allocated to energy conservation measures.

The ESS operates by enabling ACPs to develop and register ESCs for energy reductions that are backed up by the necessary data. The majority of NSW-based electricity retailers buy ESCs each year to fulfill their portion of a statutory yearly energy savings target. Thus, a market for certificates is created (ie, demand).

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is a Central Government drive that gives limits to those that decide to introduce an environmentally friendly power framework such a PV Solar System or Energy Efficient Heat Pump Hot Water System.

A number of small-scale technology certificates are available to eligible small-scale renewable energy installations under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

The maximum number of certificates per system is determined by the system's geographic location, installation date, and the megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity that the solar water heater or heat pump will displace over the course of its lifetime of up to 10 years.


How Does It Works?

Free Upgrade Upgrade From Electric Hot Water System To Energy Efficient Heat Pump System (155L)

Draws Surrounding Air

A fan attracts air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator.

Turns Air Into Gas

The evaporator transforms the fluid refrigerant into a gas, The blower compresses the refrigerant into a hot gas.

Heats Water With Gas

The hot gas inside the condenser loop warms the water inside the curl wrapped tank.

Produces Hot Water

The refrigerant returns to a fluid subsequent to warming the water and proceeds to the evaporator for the cycle to begin once more.